Reading 2018

Héctor Garcia and Francesc Miralles: Ikigai
Joshua Hammer: The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu
Yasushi Inoue: Tun-huang
Hamid Ismailov (trans. Donald Rayfield): The Devils’ Dance
Austin Kleon: Steal Like An Artist
Austin Kleon: Show Your Work!
Mark Manson: The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck
Patrick McGinley: Cold Spring
Helen Mitsios (ed.): Digital Geishas and Talking Frogs: The Best 21st Century Short Stories from Japan
Viet Thanh Nguyen: The Sympathizer
John E. Sarno, M.D.: The Mindbody Prescription
Martin E.P. Seligman: Learned Optimism
Robin Sloan: Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore
Andrew R. Wilson: Understanding Imperial China


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