3 thoughts on “Le Nain: Woman with Five Children

  1. This is such a great blog: I fear I had begun to slumber in several ways, not the least of which was my absorption of the arts. That has been a surefire way to see depression deepen.

    Your writing about Anthracite Fields shocked my system in a fine way. That’s a bold statement, and, still, I’m not exactly sure how it happened.

    But I’m writing today. And listening to music. “Flowers”, for starters.

    Pax et lux, sir.


    • Thank you for the kind comments, Brett! I’m very glad that my writings are helping you in some way. This blog really just allows me to spend some time with art, whether visual art or books or music or whatever, that I like and respond to. My hope is that others, like you, will respond positively to it as well. Thanks again! — Chris

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