Sunday Salon 5-26-13

Due to an outage, I didn’t have computer access for most of yesterday, and therefore couldn’t post my Sunday Salon. Figuring that late is better than never, here it is! For this week’s entry I’m using a format that some other blogs use; I’ve borrowed it from the excellent book blog Sophisticated Dorkiness.

Time: 7:30 a.m. Sunday.

Place: At my computer.

Eating: Nothing (I had ice cream last night, and so probably won’t need to eat for a day or two yet!)

Drinking: Coffee.

Reading: Yesterday I finished Myths of Light by Joseph Campbell, a most enjoyable book although a little repetitive of themes that he has addressed in other books like The Masks of God series. Still ongoing is the exhibition catalog Out of Character: Decoding Chinese Calligraphy, in which I’m reading today, and How to Meditate by Pema Chödrön.

Reading Along: I rarely read along with anyone. The Woody Allen line about not wanting to belong to any club that would have me as a member applies here, as always.

Watching: I’m continuing to work my way through the recent Criterion release of Pierre Étaix’s wonderful films, which, I believe I’ve said before, would almost certainly be appealing to any Jacques Tati or Buster Keaton or silent comedy fan. Yoyo (1965), which I watched last night, is the most ambitious of his films I’ve seen so far.

Listening: This also qualifies as watching, but tonight Link TV’s Global Spirit program is rerunning an excellent documentary on the Sacred Music Festival presented each year in Fez, Morocco. I remember this being an inspiring program with some great music, and I’m looking forward to seeing it again.

Making: Last night’s vegetable curry made with Thai and True yellow curry paste was outstanding, if I do say so myself. Sometimes my cooking improvisations fall flat, but not this one!

Blogging: This past week was a slow one for blogging. But I have been working on an item on the Eight Auspicious Signs of Buddhism, which I hope to post on Monday or Tuesday.

Promoting: All I would like to promote this week is the American Red Cross and its continued relief efforts in Oklahoma and elsewhere.

Hating: Technology and I seem not to agree with one another anymore. I’ve had repeated plumbing and internet problems recently, and after two repair trips, my car still wants to die at every third or fourth stop light. Perhaps a new mechanic will find the problem this week.

Appreciating: A photo recently posted on my Facebook page of me with my six-month-old friend Benjamin Dakin got more attention than anything else I’ve ever had on Facebook. I think that from now on, I’ll just post random cute baby photos.

Wanting: A couple of book orders from Powell’s and Amazon should be arriving soon! Because the shelves and piles of books I have now still allow me to move around my apartment, and we can’t have that.

Anticipating: A trip to San Francisco may be coming at the end of June, and more ambitious travels are being contemplated.

See you next week, if my internet works.

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