Helen Keller and Charlie Chaplin

Chaplin and Keller 1Chaplin and Keller 2
Helen Keller with Charlie Chaplin, photographed in 1919.

Charlie Chaplin worked with hearing-impaired people throughout his career, and employed some of their communication techniques in his own distinctive form of pantomime. His very positive reputation in this regard led Helen Keller to seek him out at the Hollywood studio where Chaplin was then working. They apparently got along very well and spent several happy hours together.

Read more at the Charlie Chaplin Club and at cheezburger.com.

2 thoughts on “Helen Keller and Charlie Chaplin

  1. Can’t really call Chaplin “American”. Though he lived in the United States for decades, he never became a U.S. citizen and was eventually his legal permission to return to the country after leaving was revoked.

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