Fort Bragg Photos

Returning to blogging after a break of around three months, I thought I’d ease my way back in by sharing some photos taken during a recent trip to Fort Bragg, California. All the photos were taken around Fort Bragg and Mendocino. They don’t really do justice to the scenery, but they give at least a sense of it.

A couple of views from near my hotel.

Two taken at sunset on foggy days. In the right photo, only the distant horizon was illuminated by the setting sun.

Dahlias and cacti at the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens.

Another flower from the Botanical Gardens, and the Skunk Train about to depart.

The Point Cabrillo Lighthouse and another foggy day. At times I felt like I had materialized in the middle of an Andrei Tarkovsky film.

Another nice view, and a visitor that wanted his picture taken – but only in profile.

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