That Is Life

When I am sober,
I don’t feel lighthearted;
but when I’m drunk
my reason is defective.
There is a state
between being tipsy
and clearheaded.
I’m a slave to that state
because that is life.
— Omar Khayyam, translated by Juan Cole

3 thoughts on “That Is Life

  1. actually, that’s extremely powerful. it pretty much describes me in more than one way. hope you don’t mind if i “steal” it. i feel like you posted this for me – thanks Chris! it’s not very “lighthearted,” but at least i find an identification.

    • Hi Christina! I really posted that poem because it seemed so much about me (despite the fact that I drink very little). But I thought it might resonate for others, too. So I’m glad you responded! Feel free to share it as you desire. You’re right that it isn’t exactly cheerful. But I also wouldn’t call it fatalistic or downbeat — just realistic.

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