Ascension Island

Among the fifty islands featured in Judith Schalansky’s lovely Atlas of Remote Islands is Ascension Island, located in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean, some 1,560 km, so the book tells us, from the Ivory Coast, and 2,250 km from Brazil. I’m not necessarily planning a visit there, but the names of some of the places on Ascension Island have a real attraction:

Comfortless Cove
Devil’s Riding School
Broken Tooth
Porpoise Point
Dark Slope Crater
Cricket Valley
Unicorn Point
Two Boats Village
Cocoanut Bay
Dark Slope Crater
Boatswain Bird Island
Hummock Point
Wideawa Fair
Mountain Red Hill
Spoon Crater
Gannet Bay

2 thoughts on “Ascension Island

  1. Some great names in this list. The interesting thing about Two Boats, the settlement largely built by the BBC, is that it’s not by the water.

    St Helena, the next island down, also has some great names, including Mulberry Gut, Buttermilk Point, Dolly’s Chop House and The Gates of Chaos.

    For a full list of wonderful names, see my post at


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