2012 Reading Challenges

After a somewhat disappointing performance in my reading challenges for 2011, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try again in 2012. But then again, why shouldn’t I? A little extra motivation never hurt anyone. So, after a few weeks of dithering, I’ve signed myself up for some 2012 challenges – a couple are new, but I’ll also be returning to challenges and books I’d planned for last year. With other additions possible as further challenges turn up, here are the ones I’m embarking on this year. You can follow my progress here.

South Asian Challenge 2012
Hosted by S. Krishna’s Books
Goal: 5 books

Global Reading Challenge 2012
Hosted by Mysteries in Paradise
Goal: 7 books (The Easy Challenge)

2012 E-Book Challenge
Hosted by The Eclectic Bookshelf
Goal: 10 e-books (The “Fun Size” E-Book Challenge)

Back To The Classics Challenge 2012
Hosted by Sarah Reads Too Much
Goal: 9 books

Japanese Literature Challenge 6
(to begin 6-30-12)
Hosted by Dolce Belleza
Goal: 10 books

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