Welcome to this new blog! Most of the posts you’ll find here will deal with music (usually classical, often modern), films (usually “art” films, often foreign), books, or visual art. As the John Cage line that provides this blog its name implies, some of the works and issues I’ll be writing about might not necessarily have a lot of immediate appeal, and might require a little extra time, thought, and/or patience (for me too, believe me!). But the rewards they provide usually make the effort worthwhile.

There will also be occasional forays into baseball, politics, and other items that catch my attention. One thing you’ll probably notice is that most of my posts will tend to be positive in nature. I prefer not to spend too much time on stuff that doesn’t appeal to me, so the more negative posts – panning films or music or whatever – will be relatively brief. The more adulatory items will, on the other hand, sometimes be fairly expansive. Thanks for visiting, and I hope you’ll find something of interest here.